Who We Are

Copper River Shared Services provides administrative services and support to the Copper River Family of Companies, which are owned by the Native Village of Eyak, a Federally recognized Alaska Native Tribe. It is the mission of Copper River Shared Services to provide excellent, consistent, and cost-effective back office support services to the family of companies. By removing the cost and management burden of replicating these critical functions in each of the companies, Copper River Shared Services allows our individual businesses to focus on delivering high-quality, customer-focused solutions. Leveraging economies of scale, Copper River Shared Services can offer systems and processes to all of the companies that would be cost-prohibitive on an individual basis. Further, Copper River Shared Services provides the regulatory training, compliance, and governance oversight to all Copper River companies required to properly navigate the Federal contract and acquisition landscape.

Our Family of Companies

Commitment to Excellence

Copper River Shared Services is committed to providing excellent back office services, corporate governance, and oversight of regulatory compliance to the Copper River Family of Companies. The executive management team is devoted to the ongoing execution and support of this policy. In pursuit of this objective, we are dedicated to the following:

  • Create a corporate culture of integrity and high ethical standards
  • Develop and retain a highly skilled professional workforce
  • Provide prompt, reliable, and accurate services
  • Strive to exceed expectations
  • Continually improve our operational posture and performance